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Research our genealogy database of over 70,000  'Weardale People' to find your ancestors.

Information about the resources for which we hold data

If your family tree includes Weardale ancestors you should make The Weardale Museum your first port of call. It could save you many hours  of research.

1. To access the data in our resource, and listed in the links, you must either visit or contact the Museum. You can not view the data on the web.


2. If you are unable to visit we can conduct a search for you.  See Research from a distance [Right].


3. Our database and record files concentrate specifically on Weardale and, with minor exceptions, do not extend beyond the ancient parishes of Stanhope and Wolsingham.


4. All of our staff are volunteers. To avoid a wasted journey we strongly advise that you make an appointment if you have not used the system before.


5. We are grateful to the volunteers who have spent hundred of hours building this system for you to use and enjoy and to Durham County Record Office where many of the original sources are held.


6. There is no formal charge but we appreciate donations which recognise the value of our contribution to your work.

Our Genealogists Eric Draper and Ken Heatherington at the Family History station.

Important information for those using our resource.

A unique and powerful family history resource  


containing over 60,000 individuals, from some 300 Weardale families,


whose relationships can be displayed as ancestor charts or descendant trees.

Genealogy Database Census Records Memorial Inscriptions Parish Registers Stanhope Burials Tithe Records Old Maps School Admissions War Records & Memorials Wills and Deeds Letters from Emigrants Photographs & Postcards Genealogies Newspaper Cuttings Research from a Distance Back to Family History

Contacts for our genealogy support:

Ken Heatherington



[email protected]


Ken takes the lead on developing the Weardale Museum resources.



Eric Draper



[email protected]


Eric provides research for the Weardale resources and additionally will help people with family history enquiries not related to Weardale.



David Heatherington (01388)517433)



[email protected]


David curates the Museum but is available to support family history enquiries.

How to make a donation

Your donations all go towards making the Museum sustainable. They also demonstrate that you value the many hours of work which our volunteers have done in collecting and putting together this resource for the benefit of our visitors.


Where possible we like our donations to be gift aided as the government will give an extra 20% to your donation.


You can only donate by Gift Aid if you are a UK tax payer.


If you are visiting the Museum ask for a Gift Aid form and hand it with your donation to the steward on duty.


If you are researching from a distance please print out the gift aid page and make your cheque payable to "The Weardale Museum",


c/o Ken Heatherington,

Daisy Villa


Bp Auckland,

Co Durham,

DL13 1LG


We welcome comments from users when they find anolomies or innacuracies in our work and also the addition of information to our resources.



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